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Is The Nasm Exam Hard

[GET] Is The Nasm Exam Hard

If you're not sure what to do, they have it all set up for you. They recommend doing the readings, then watching the DVD presentation that corresponds to the chapter, then doing the exercises in the study guide. You just have to do it. What worked...

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My Experience with the NASM-CPT Exam

The study guide is a review of the chapter's content. There is a ton of content in the book — would the exam take a broad scope, or would it hit on specifics and just not get everything? The practice tests answered that question: specifics. Most of the questions were very detailed. Just knowing broad concepts will not help you pass the exam. Know it. I would recommend having a week or so between when you finish the book and when you take the exam. This will give you time to take the practice exams and study more on the questions that you struggle with. As a note: I did not pass any of the practice exams that I took though I was close , but I did pass the actual exam. I might have gotten a 70; I might have gotten a I have no idea. The other reason that you don't really know how you did is that the exam is questions, but only of them are exam questions.

The 5 Hardest NASM CPT Test Questions (and Answers)

You don't know which 20 are research questions. You have days from the time you register with NASM to take the exam. If you're not ready within the days, you can buy a day extension. I decided to buy one extension, mainly as a result of my inactivity when I hit chapter four. One extension costs less than one re-test. You are not allowed to bring anything into the testing room. Besides my IDs, I had my cell phone and car keys, and the testing center held onto them for me. My testing room was cubicle-sized — though it was an enclosed room — and had a desk, a chair, and a computer. The test administrator set up the computer for me gave me directions and left me with scrap paper and a pencil. As you'll see when you take the NASM practice exams, the questions are all multiple choice on the computer. You have the ability to return to questions as needed. The testing block was two hours, which was more than enough time.


I went through and answered all of the ones I was certain of, then went back through to the ones I was less sure about. Because the NASM exam is multiple-choice, if you have decent test-taking skills, it's a little easier on most questions. Because the exam is multiple-choice, they did make some of the questions tricky, with two answers that are similar. When I finished the exam, I returned to the front desk and told them I was done. The woman who had set up my computer left me in the lobby and went to my testing station.

How I Passed the NASM CPT On My First Try

She returned to me in the lobby just a few minutes later with my good news — I passed! She also mentioned that less than half of the people she's tested have passed on the first try. You need to study if you want to be an NASM personal trainer. But if you use the study materials provided by NASM and can answer the questions! Also, I went to a 2-day in-person workshop, and this was well worth the time and money!

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES) Review

There is no substitute for hands-on. Take notes while you're there — you'll forget things. Boiling it all down, my two pieces of advice: Study consistently over a decent stretch of time. There is a lot of content, and cramming isn't going to make it happen. Use the study materials made available by NASM. It's a lot of work, but it gets the job done. She has overcome both obesity and cancer to become a triathlete and personal trainer.

NASM Exam Prep 2021 – How to pass the NASM CPT Exam First Try!

The difficulty level of the exam There are other factors too that we will be covering as well. Make sure you consider all of the information that we will share here. This will help you to choose the right certification for you. NASM vs. Both certifications are popular and well-accepted in the fitness industry. They also both offer exclusive study materials and digital education support to the candidate.

Help with the NASM personal training exam

The passing rate for both certifications varies slightly. NASM trainers can help these clients to address their problems through strength training. The module is effective in training clients suffering from muscular imbalance due to a sedentary lifestyle. ACE focuses on overall health and fitness science without centering on any particular area of training. ACE cert follows the IFT training module which includes information on all topics of fitness without any specialization in some particular area.

NASM CPT Exam – Top 12 Tips To Pass On Your First Try

Conclusion NASM has a slight advantage because the certification is intended to create trainers in specialized fields of fitness rather than general categories. However, ACE certification is great to begin your career with if you have not decided on a particular focus. For this reason, it is a sought-after title for CPTs right now. It includes a pages digital textbook, video lectures, exercise library, study guide, practice exams, and quizzes. Premium Self-study: It has all the materials of the general self-study package along with anatomy memorization, flashcards, and learning activities.

NASM Practice Test

Guided study: This has all the materials of general and premium self-study package along with webinars, access to online mentors, online workshop, discussion forums, re-test for exam-prep, and a hard copy textbook. All-inclusive package: this includes all the materials of the three other packages along with an onsite trainer development program and business accelerator program. Let's take a look at the inclusions: Pro-essentials: This package includes practice tests, online study coach, digital textbook, ebook on fitness professional, study guide, access to other resources like fitness assessment forms, calculators, etc. Pro-plus: The package includes everything from the Pro-essential along with a hardcopy manual, hard copy study, and hard copy of the fitness professional guide. Pro-advantage: This includes all the materials of the previous two packages along with an online course on fitness math.

Exams 2021, Tests & Answers

NASM Exam was way too easy When i got to the testing center i was very nervous until i saw the first few questions. I was like "Are you serious? This is pathetic". It was. If someone fails this exam the first time maybe you should consider a different profession sorry if that sounds mean because the questions were extremely easy and just like the practice test, only worded much differently. You just have to use your critical thinking skills a little bit. I finished the test of questions in only 35 mins and even the lady who administered the test was suprised. Its no big deal and its taken on a computer. Hope this helps Ryan P. NASM really needs to make their exams harder, i was hoping for a challenge when i got to the testing center.

How To Pass The NASM Personal Trainer Test

NASM Exam was way too easy When i got to the testing center i was very nervous until i saw the first few questions. I was like "Are you serious? This is pathetic". It was. If someone fails this exam the first time maybe you should consider a different profession sorry if that sounds mean because the questions were extremely easy and just like the practice test, only worded much differently. You just have to use your critical thinking skills a little bit. I finished the test of questions in only 35 mins and even the lady who administered the test was suprised. Its no big deal and its taken on a computer. Hope this helps Ryan P. NASM really needs to make their exams harder, i was hoping for a challenge when i got to the testing center.

Is NASM exam hard?

No matter how confident you might feel, there is always a chance that your going to fail. I walked into that air tight room, looked at the first test question, and knew I was going to be beaten down. Here is a cool tip though: They give you three practice tests, right? Well it's only three if you click the finish button at the end of the test. Write down the questions you got wrong, then search for the answers in your book. That way, all you have to do is close the window, and if you just close the window before finishing, then its as if you never had taken a practice test at all! So you get unlimited practice tests. The downer is that I only noticed about eight questions that were from the practice test. I got 69 on the real one. Very frustrating!

Audio Lectures and Study Guide for the NASM CES Exam

Before the book was even mailed I remembered I had taken another course that would count towards renewing my certification. I went back through all the paperwork and checked online and could not find any documentation stating that the course would expire. If I had known about the expiration date I would have studied and taken the test at the time of purchase instead of holding it until my next renewal. During the call I explained that I had never accessed the course materials online and was granted a 30 day extension at no cost.

NASM CPT Exam FAQ – NASM exam pass rate, Test difficulty, and Info

Thank you to NASM for granting the extension! I only put this in the review to let others know that if you plan to buy a course or have purchased one complete it within a year of purchase. It is a bummer that the course material will be removed from my portal because there is a wealth of knowledge and information. I would love to continue to go back and refer to the videos and lectures at later dates.

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES) Review - The Workout Mama

It was 13 days from the time my extension was valid to when I took the exam. Why Corrective Exercise? I have always been fascinated with how the body works and enjoy learning to improve how the body moves and functions. Corrective exercise is the process of identifying neuromuscular dysfunction and then creating a plan to implement a corrective strategy. Everyone can benefit from corrective exercise. In fact while I was going though the course work I did a few assessments on myself and was able to evaluate certain muscle compensations on my own body. I have started to implement what I have learned into my own workouts and I am already noticing a difference in my stride and squat. While exercising is great it is even better to be exercising using the correct muscle groups for a squat, row, pushup, etc.. Once that is done a plan can by implemented to inhibit and lengthen the overactive muscles, strengthen the underactive muscles, and then retrain the entire function of all muscles to work correctly together by integrated dynamic movements.

Is The Nasm Exam Hard

Here is a breakdown of the sections in the book. Obviously this one is pretty straight forward. Buy a hard copy of the textbook. More on this below. Review all the online course material and watch the videos. Like I said above, I did all this in 13 days between my kids napping and after they went to bed at night. I was averaging about three hours of course work a day. Take the practice exam. The practice exam helps so much. You can see the types of questions asked and also how the questions will be worded. Make sure you know the movement compensations for the overhead squat assessment. This is a major portion of the exam. Knowing overactive and underactive muscles for each compensation will be highly beneficially. Make the most of your exam time. You have 90 minutes to answer questions. I went through the entire test and answered only the questions I was positive I knew the answer. Then I went back and answered any question I had left blank about I ran out of time answering those questions and had about 6 questions unanswered when the timer ran out.

Nasm Practice Test

I passed the first time using this method and it worked for me. The cueing instruction videos are super engaging and contain great information. The cueing videos are super high quality and crystal clear. The lecture videos are old and grainy. For the cost of the program this surprised me. I did however like the lecture videos because they cohesively bring together all the main points in each chapter in a more tangible way. There are two entire chapters in the course that focus on range of motion assessments and strength assessments. They contain so much information but NASM recommends not to use any of these techniques unless you have had further training.

How do I schedule a NASM exam?

These techniques would and should require much further training in order to properly and safety implement them with clients. When I purchased this back in it came with a book. Now if you purchase the course you have to pay extra for the book. If you decide to buy this course get the book. I personally do better with a hard copy of a textbook when studying material. The information is fantastic and I would like to be able to reference it in the future. In my opinion if I paid for a course I paid to be able to access the information now or at a later date. There you have it! I am glad I passed the exam in such a short amount of time and also grateful to not be out of pocket anymore money :.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer - Exampedia

Many people have difficulty choosing between the foam pad and the balance disc in terms of proper progression. This is a case where straight up memorizing a table is sometimes better than depending on the concept or logic of a particular topic. Honestly, the majority of people missed this question on the exam. The answer can be located approximately two paragraphs after table This question is difficult because every single supplement has the potential to be abused and taken in excess amounts.

Free NASM Practice Tests

NASM wants you to remember for specific ones for our society and for most people that consume an American diet. In table They are zinc, iron, B6, vitamin A, and vitamin D. NASM study tips While studying for the NASM, here are the best study tips so that you can focus on the right material while going through the textbook. Every single question that comes from the test can be located within their primary textbook. The sixth edition consists of 20 total chapters as well as the appendices A-E.

Fooled by the NASM exam

Every single chapter, including the additional appendices, should be read over at least once. But to be honest, there are lots of questions that come from this section. The majority of them coming from appendix E! Big tip 2: There is decent information in the code of professional conduct section the preface of the book. You do not need to memorize the section, but you should have a general understanding of what each code means as well as how to apply it to the world of personal training.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I still recommend reading over the full textbook as this is very important to becoming a great personal trainer. That being said, the majority of the NASM exam questions will come from the following chapters. I recommend reading the specific chapters at least twice. Fitness assessment chapter 6 Flexibility training concepts chapter 7 Core training concepts chapter 9 Resistance training concepts chapter 13 Integrated program design in the optimum performance training OPT model chapter 14 Nutrition chapter 17 Lifestyle modification in behavioral coaching chapter 19 Developing a successful personal training business chapter 20 Big tip 4: When it comes to studying the sections of the appendices, understanding the muscles of the muscular system is the most important topic.

Question: Is Ace Or NASM Better?

Primarily focus your studies on the major joints and larger muscles. Also, realize that the stabilizer muscles of the shoulder, as well as the core, will show up on the test and also be very useful for real-world applications of the knowledge. For this reason, a good study guide is recommended. This is definitely the place you should start.

NASM CES Study Guide- 99% Pass Rate

In addition to this, we also have a premium NASM study guide for those of you who want more concentrated study. From working with over a thousand students, we have seen that or premium study guide cut their overall study time approximately in half. It tells you exactly what to focus on in order to pass the exam in which sections you will not generally be tested on. Being able to recognize how NASM will word their tricky questions is what makes practice tests so valuable.

Why I’m Getting My NASM Personal Trainer Certification (Again)

Practice tests also help you understand which sections you understand well, and which sections you need to focus more study time on. If you cannot pass the practice exams, you can be well assured that you will not pass the real exam. This practice exam consists of 60 questions, and are laid out in the exact same manner The correct number of questions coming from the correct sections that you will see on the real exam. On top of the practice test, we also have practice quizzes at the end of each chapter in our free study guide. There are hundreds of different terms that you need to memorize straight out of the NASM textbook. The absolute best way to study these direct terms is to use flashcards. Not only that, but you should be using some sort of spaced repetition learning system. Spaced repetition is different than using general flashcards. With general flashcards, you will see every single flash card with the same frequency as the rest of the deck. This means that the concepts and terms that you know well will be shown to you just as often as the ones that you have trouble with.

How I Passed the NASM CPT Exam

With spaced repetition flashcards, a mathematical system will calculate which cards you are good at and which cards you struggle with. It will then add longer intervals when showing you your easy cards in the deck, while at the same time having shorter intervals when showing you the harder more difficult terms in your deck. Exclusive PTP Offers.

My Experience with the NASM-CPT Exam – dearfitkris

After using Pocket Prep, she passed on her first try! Read her advice on how to succeed. I felt crushed. How was I going to learn all this? I was genuinely unsure if I would ever be able to pass this exam, but after a year of pushing it off, repurchasing a new program with better study tools, and finding Pocket Prep, I went into my exam with more confidence than I ever expected to have. Plan Ahead The first thing I did was to buy a planner and create a weekly study schedule. Not every week was the same, some weeks I got in three chapters, others just one, but I consistently studied every week. I went through each chapter, took detailed notes especially on difficult concepts , completed any activities or quizzes in the chapter, and finally rewrote the most important concepts down into my planner which I take everywhere. The key concepts for the NASM CPT exam had to do with training phase details, which came in charts, and postural distortions, which I studied by pointing out the different muscles on my own body and naming which were shortened and which were lengthened.

Help with the NASM personal training exam | StrongFirst Forum

Being active in your studying, like physically pointing out the muscles, is great because it helps you relate to and retain the information better. This app made the biggest difference when it came to understanding concepts on the exam. Once you choose your exam, you have the option of a free or paid membership. It also provides explanations when you get a question wrong which helped me learn topics even if I missed it the first time. The questions are further broken into the major subjects on the exam, which is helpful as the app tracks which section you need the most help on.

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